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blog | December 20, 2019

Importance of CRM Customization

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is not a one size fits all solution. This is seen in the fact that there are hundreds of different CRM software products on...

By Courtney Perry

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is not a one size fits all solution. This is seen in the fact that there are hundreds of different CRM software products on the market. With companies that differ in size, industry, and needs requiring a CRM solution, it is abundantly clear why there are so many options to choose from. Regardless of where your company stands, one thing seems universal when looking at CRM solutions: it needs to be customizable! Customization allows for software users to only implement the exact suites and features they need in order to best help their business.

Here are three reasons why your (potential or current) CRM software should be customizable.

  1. Accurate Analytics – Custom CRM provides stronger, more specific analytics per department, which can help businesses meet their goals and needs. These analytics increase productivity. With knowing how well your business is doing, employees can either continue down their path (if happy with analytics) or they can find new ways to improve in areas where they aren’t as successful.
  2. Managing workflows – The ability to automate and manage your workflows is crucial to fully utilizing your CRM solution. It’s important to find a CRM provider that allows you to do this without needing to know code or have a programmer, as this will save a significant amount of time and allow employees to focus on running the business, rather than running the CRM. Automating tasks like reminder emails, follow up calls, and doing mass assign changes can be crucial in converting business, so managing these workflows is equally important to get business and improve revenues.
  3. Field and layout management – This is the first and easiest way to take an out of the box CRM and make it fit your company. You should have the ability to manage the layout, which is what you see on the screen and where it is located, as well as the fields you see in the layout. You can create column and tables, fields, and decide if you want the options to be a drop down, checkmark boxes, multiple selection, or others. You can edit them to say what you want so the CRM uses your terminology, and not the other way around. Finding a CRM with drag and drop placement will make life a lot easier as well as it will require less work to make edits.
  4. Cutting Down Costs – Implementing CRM can be costly, but with customization businesses are able to cut costs by not implementing features they don’t need. Benefits include, aside from cutting down costs, helping your company stay within their budget (while getting the exact CRM features they need) and a smaller amount of time dedicated to training new software users.
  5. User-friendly Solution – A customized solution is tailor made to fit your business needs, which makes it easier for its users to adapt to. This quick transition increases the chances of a smooth and easy implementation and a simple training process, as well as increased productivity.

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