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blog | July 15, 2020

How OnContact CRM Can Help Your Business

Marketing and Sales teams are the backbones of businesses across the world. No matter the industry, it is their responsibility to connect with their customers whether it is through...

By Courtney Perry

Marketing and Sales teams are the backbones of businesses across the world. No matter the industry, it is their responsibility to connect with their customers whether it is through effective marketing campaigns, traveling to meet customers in order to sell products to them or funneling through customers in a sales pipeline to find customers that are most interested in what your business has to provide.

Developing connections with your customer base can be difficult and it can be even harder to find loyal customers in the midst of your search to deepen your bonds with them. If your company is looking for a software solution that assists with the interactions and relationships that it has with current and potential customers, CRM software is the perfect fix.

However, not just any CRM will do the trick. Here at WorkWise, we believe that our OnContact CRM solution is the best option to bring you closer to your customers.


What is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software?

CRM software manages your company’s interactions and relationships with its current and potential customer base. Designed to enhance the relationship a business has with its customers, CRM manages to do that through tracking leads, streamlining businesses processes and assisting with marketing campaigns.

The overall goal of any CRM software is to increase sales through improving business relationships.


What is CRM Used For?

As mentioned, CRM’s main goal is to increase sales through strengthening customer bonds to a company. Here are some of the main duties of an effective CRM software solution:

  1. Consolidate company data into one space – this central hub makes it easier for departments to collaborate on projects, share customer information (including contact information, communication and history) and access information when needed. CRM updates in real-time ensuring that all information being used is accurate and up to date.
  2. Improve sales opportunities – OnContact CRM automate tasks, which gives sales representatives more time to focus on sales opportunities versus working on small, time consuming tasks. The software solution also helps sales teams with the sales process through developing a step-by-step process of closing deals.
  3. Focus on your customers – thanks to having one central space where customer information resides, sales teams can move through the sales cycle easily and marketing teams can create more effective, targeting marketing campaigns.

Why OnContact CRM? Features and Support

Searching for the perfect CRM software can be difficult because your business may need very specific suites and applications to ensure success for their business. Our award winning OnContact CRM features 6 suites and over 30 applications designed to improve your business’s relationship with its customers. Those suites include:

  1. Sales Automation
  2. Marketing Automation
  3. Customer Service
  4. Call Center
  5. Management
  6. CRM Tools


The OnContact CRM solutions also includes additional features such as:

  1. Mobile Optimization – the ability to access your CRM data from any device, anywhere and at any time. The responsive user interface adjusts across all browser sizes and mobile devices.
  2. Simple CRM Pricing – Interested parties can choose between our Sales or Enterprise packages that come complete with your needs. We also include unlimited phone, chat and email support.
  3. Cloud or On-Premise Deployment – Depending on what deployment style work best for your business and employees, OnContact CRM provides two implementation styles. On-Premise, which is installed in your physical office space and managed by your IT team or in the Cloud, which doesn’t require the usage of in-house IT and is installed through an online hosting system.
  4. Unlimited Training and Support – Both of our cloud and on-premise plans include access to unlimited phone, email and chat support. In addition, OnContact CRM provides training resources to best help your business understand the ins and outs of OnContact CRM. Those training resources include training classes, free webinars, a training library, user group meetings and OnContact CRM resources.

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