Having a Baby and ERP Evaluation Process

When dealing with the process of getting a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, the process of having a baby might seem like the last thing that would have commonalities. However, when you look beyond on the obvious, there are quite a few similarities in the timeline and step by step stages of each which makes the analogy much more reasonable. Now, I am not saying by any means that getting an ERP solution is as challenging as having and raising a child, but on a significantly smaller level, the parallels can be made. That being said, let’s look at these similarities.

  1. There are different stages throughout the process.

Due to different natural occurring processes like the development of the baby, there are different stages such as trimesters we use to measure progress. In doing so, we can identify gender at a certain point, see heart contractions, and outlines of their body. In the ERP evaluation process, there are different stages as well that can be used to show progress. Generally, they are getting all the internal needs organized, getting a list and selecting key vendors, viewing demos, and then making a final decision.

  1. There are growing pains.

After an ERP is picked, then comes the challenges of data migration and configuring the ERP to your company. This can be a gruesome process that requires a lot of time and effort. It is however necessary to get the system up and running. Likewise, in a pregnancy, there are growing pains such as morning sickness, contractions, and the eventual birth giving that can be hectic and stressful, but are needed to ensure a successful birth.

  1. Multiple people are needed for complete success.

While it might be possible for a woman to give birth completely alone with any medical or emotional support, it rarely happens, and for good reason. The more support the easier and happier the process is as it can ensure safety and add excitement to being a mother when you share it with others. The same can be said for a ERP evaluation where the input of the power users, management, and owners is generally given since the more eyes will give you a better read on a solution.

  1. After everything is completed, you continue to spend time and money.

Once the ERP software is in, the hardest part is over. However, there are still ongoing costs for upgrades, updates, and support. These are significantly smaller costs and require less time, but are still important nonetheless. Once a baby is born, the financial challenges begin as clothing, daycare, food, and other costs arise as well as crying through the night and other time consuming activities come into play.

  1. The result is worth it.

Regardless of the financial and time costs, the result of raising your child is well worth it. Ask a mother or father, wide eyed and grinning they will agree that it is the most fulfilling thing in their lives, and rightfully so. An ERP, despite the troublesome process, is well worth it as well. The ROI and ease of use should far improve on the previous solution or method used to a point where you can’t imagine going back.

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