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blog | August 12, 2020

Finding the Best Keywords for Your Business

One of the main goals of putting together a website, is developing content that will reach a large audience, especially via search engine pages. For businesses across the world,...

By Courtney Perry

One of the main goals of putting together a website, is developing content that will reach a large audience, especially via search engine pages. For businesses across the world, it may be puzzling to understand just how to rank on search engine sites, but the answer isn’t as difficult as one may think. If you want to rank well, you have to use the appropriate keywords.


What are Keywords?

Keywords are words that perfectly define what your business and subsequent website content are all about. If we look at keywords from an SEO perspective, they are words and phrases (also known as search queries) that searches put into search engines in order to find websites that contain information related to their search.

If you run any type of website, you want to make sure that you use relevant keywords that are related to your industry and expertise. When you do that, your business has a stronger chance of being found by someone doing a related search.


Why Are Keywords Important?

Keywords are important because it is what connects people to your website through search engines. With keywords, your goal should be to drive organic search to your site from search engines and that happens (either in mass or not at all) based on the keywords that you choose to target and use for your website.

Your business may use phrasing different from what is commonly searched for on search engines. It is important to think of keywords as it relates to your current and potential audience, which means that research becomes a key factor.


What is Keyword Research?

One of the most important parts of any SEO strategy is keyword research. When creating content for your website, whether it be personal or professional, it is important to search for and identify keywords with high search volumes. Keyword research involves analyzing and finding a list of keywords that are valuable to your website. Typically, keywords consists of several words, not just one. Knowing this may help you alter your website content to more relevant words and phrases.

When searching for the appropriate keywords to use for your website, ensure that those words and phrases align with your business and brand. There are different tools that businesses use in order to conduct keyword research. Google Keyword planner, Moz, working with an SEO company directly or simply typing phrases into your preferred search engine, will give you an idea of your competition and incorporate more relevant words and phrases into your website content.


Help Your Business Use the Right Keywords

It is important to think about what your business does, represents and the industry that it is in. These types of things play a role in what type of words and phrases you will want to include within your website content. Take the time to use a keyword tool to see if words/phrases that you have your heart set on are highly-searched and ranked terms before you include them within your content.

Come up with a list of keywords and phrases that your website content currently uses frequently and do research on how popular they are. Refine your list and include keywords that are ranked high. Be sure to include those keywords within your meta titles, tags and descriptions and not just within website content.

It is important to remember that when researching and analyzing keywords to incorporate into your website content, to exercise patience. You won’t rank on the first page immediately upon updating your content and that is okay. Consistency is key. Continue to do research on relevant keywords and use them within your content wisely.

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