ERP & Music

Music is one of the few universal elements of the world. All cultures, both prehistoric and modern, have some form of music. Whether it be simple drumming, humming, or more complex like the songs we hear today, there is something about a rhythm and a beat that humans like. Whether you prefer the twang of a country guitar or the banging of a heavy metal drum, we all like music. This relates to how companies use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software as well. We all have a different rhythm or beat based on what we do, but there are many ways it is used the same. All companies are unique, but let’s look at the similarities that are consistent throughout.

1: A consistent message.

The ERP’s message is simple: improve the company’s processes to make business more efficient and profitable. If your ERP is not doing this, you should consider making a change. Whether it be cutting down lead times by days, improving the stocking of parts, or providing a clearer picture into each job, they all point back to a faster process that makes it easier on employees and therefore, the company. This works in music as well. Often in songs, this refers to a series of sounds or words that are repeated multiple times called a chorus. The lyrics or beat all go back to the same point and reiterate and support each other.

2: An agreed upon final product.

All employees of the ERP need to agree on the company’s processes and how things need to be done. This requires strong collaboration and a set method for how to do things. For example, all shop employees need to record their work times and what jobs they were working on the same way. This allows for management to review where jobs are and best set employees to accomplish the right job at the right time. Collaboration is also critical in music. The song we hear on albums is never the first or original recording. Artists regularly do multiple takes, tweaking it each time with the help of others. If you look at the credits, you often see multiple people are credited with the lyrics and music, which all contribute to the final product.

3: There is unity throughout.

Some jobs or orders that go into the ERP can be done faster, whether it be due to less materials needed or less custom work being required, these need to be labeled as such because a job that takes a longer time to complete should not be sacrificed. You want to keep all jobs unified and labeled so that one job does not keep getting looked over just because it takes longer, delaying it even further. We find unity in music is key as well. There is nothing from stopping a song to have a flute and drums in the first verse, a guitar and piano in the second, and a trombone and a trumpet in the third verse…well, nothing except the human ear. It would sound like three separate songs that combined make a mess. This is why you find a song features the same select instruments throughout.

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