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blog | June 26, 2020

Effective Ways to Market Your Business

Marketing is an important part of any business. It is how you get the public and your customer base interested in learning more about your business and all that...

By Courtney Perry

Marketing is an important part of any business. It is how you get the public and your customer base interested in learning more about your business and all that it has to offer.  No matter what type of products or services your business provides, a common thread that brings businesses together is the need for proper and effective marketing plans.

Marketing may seem like it is simple, but there are many trends and forms of marketing that can make it difficult to know what form is most effective for your business. In today’s blog, we will cover how to promote your business via the best marketing forms.

  1. Call to Action Email Signatures

According to a study by The Radicati Group, an average of 122 emails are sent out per day from an office worker. Depending on how many staff members a business has, there could be a very large volume of emails being sent per day.

With a large number of emails being sent, there is an opportunity for marketing that awaits: email signatures. Typically in place to showcase an employee’s official title name or a link to a company website, an email signatures can also feature a call to action button encouraging the email recipient to sign up for company newsletters or to check out your new product. This method is sure to gain engagement.

  1. Create Email Marketing Strategies

Continuing with the trend of email, creating an email marketing strategy is another great way to market your business. Since emails are sent out and received in mass every single day, this is the perfect opportunity to reach out to customers and share more about your business.

This form of marketing allows businesses to build relationships with their customers and put them in the sales pipeline. In your emails, there needs to be something eye catching and worth responding to that are a topic of interests for your customers.

  1. Give Webinars a Chance

A webinar is a hosted video presentation, lecture or workshop that is used to share knowledge and updates from a company to customers. Offering a webinar or a workshop as a way to develop a bond with potential customers while also educating them on who your business is and everything it has to offer including products. Webinars also assist with building your brand reputation.

Hosting a webinar is an effective marketing strategy because not only can you attract your core, target audience but you can also collect their contact information for future communications.

  1. Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

Customer reviews are the perfect way to hear exactly what your audience thinks about your business and the products/services that it provides. Encouraging customers to leave reviews on your company website or other platforms where reviews are posted helps to spread the word about your products , which can lead to an influx in sales (if the reviews are positive, of course) and it can also give insight on how they can improve as a business if you find that reviews are less than stellar.

  1. Take Advantage of Social Media Sites

There are millions of active users on social media sites, which means no matter who your target audience is, you have a strong chance of finding them online. Utilizing social media is so important, that if your business decided to forgo it, you are likely to miss out on customers and business opportunities.

Businesses that use social media take advantage of the platform for different, and equally important, reasons. Social media works as an extended form of customer service. You can respond to customer questions and comments, which they will greatly appreciate and it will also improve your reputation when it comes to the customer experience.

These are just some of the many ways that a business can market themselves. It is important to remember that marketing is about providing customers with information about your business and the services that it provides. You can also leverage marketing in a way that can improve the customer service experience.

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