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blog | March 02, 2018

6 Ways Higher Education Institutions Use CRM

Higher ed professionals working on a college or university campus deal with a lot of students, and a lot of data. Whether you’re working in admissions, alumni relations, or...

By WorkWiseSoftware

Higher ed professionals working on a college or university campus deal with a lot of students, and a lot of data. Whether you’re working in admissions, alumni relations, or a specific department, you’re probably working with an ever-expanding list of students, follow-ups, emails, etc. There’s no way Excel spreadsheets can accurately and consistently manage all of that data without a few mix-ups from time to time. Fortunately, customer relationship management (CRM) software exists, which helps eliminate the chance for errors when it comes to data manipulation and contact management. Below, we’ll take a closer look at how higher education institutions can benefit from the consistent utilization of a CRM tool.

Maintain alumni relations

Retention never ends when it comes to higher education. Alumni relations is a crucial piece of the overall student retention efforts of higher ed institutions, so having a solution to make the process easier and more streamlined is a must. Customer relationship management software provides institutions with the tools they need to continually-manage and maintain student connections and networking with the alumni community. CRM can also be helpful in reaching out for alumni donations and raising funds through email marketing.

One unique way customer relationship management software helps make alumni relations easier is through data segmentation. Have a list of local alumni you’d like to reach through email marketing? What about a different list of California-based alumni? CRM lets you segment these audiences and send emails unique to the selected audience.

Track late payments and student email reminders

Like any other business or industry, higher ed professionals deal with tracking and handling late payments and reminders. CRM simplifies both of these processes by ensuring all data stored in the centralized database is accurate and deduplicated. For handling late payments, customer relationship management software provides email marketing tools to ensure students are being checked up on and late payments are being managed consistently. For student email reminders, CRM lets you set up reminders within the solution, so you’d have alerts and reminders pop up to let you know it’s time to follow-up or check in with a student.

Lead scoring and tracking

In the 21st century, high school students and potential transfer students are first and foremost rely on the power of the internet to discover educational opportunities. Are you actively tracking and maintaining a database of all of the potential students (prospects) who are visiting your website and checking out your institution? If not, you’re missing out on a major marketing, and potential recruitment opportunity.

With CRM software, you can utilize lead scoring and tracking tools to ensure anyone visiting your school’s website, and anyone specifically who submits a form, is being reached out to and data is being extracted.

Continued student retention

Once a college student is enrolled, it’s time for the retention phase. Typically, these comprise monitoring student progress and ensuring students have the resources and guidance they need to be successful in their educational pursuits. CRM makes tracking and retaining these students a simple process by keeping all data secure and organized. If you need to check a student’s historical information or email outreach history, you’re able to do so in a matter of seconds.

Stay organized while handling admissions

Admissions is always a multi-step process. Students need help registering for classes, picking a residence hall, a meal plan, not to mention the multitude of questions educational institutions receive during the process. By utilizing a customer relationship management tool, schools can streamline the admissions process by ensuring all admissions materials are handled, all emails have been delivered accurately to the right segmented groups, and that the best and brightest candidates are being actively recruited and engaged.

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