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blog | March 02, 2018

How CRM Software Helps out in Retail

Retail shoppers love to feel unique like they’re the only customer you’re thinking about. This is perhaps most true for the retail industry more than any other niche market....

By WorkWiseSoftware

Retail shoppers love to feel unique like they’re the only customer you’re thinking about. This is perhaps most true for the retail industry more than any other niche market. So, what are you doing to foster customer loyalty and personalization? Below, we’ll dig into some examples which explain how implementing customer relationship management (CRM) software in your retail business can help it grow and become a more powerful seller and marketer.

Sales and marketing alignment

CRM software does more than just give your sales reps tools to build strong relationships with prospects and customers; it also equips your marketing department. From email marketing automation features to personalized data and dashboards, analytics, and lead scoring, the marketing features included in most modern customer relationship management solutions are endless.

Since CRM software provides for both sales and marketing, and the data used by both parties if the same and accessed through the same database, there’s a much more natural alignment than there might otherwise have been. The solution encourages the two parties to align their goals, which in turn will only benefit your business in the long run.

Added emphasis on customer service

We’ve all probably been through a bad customer service experience. An employee was rude, they never returned your message, etc. Whatever the case might have been, it ultimately changed your perception on the brand as a whole. Maybe you started shopping elsewhere for a while, or maybe you switched companies permanently. This is the power of customer service when it comes to the retail industry. It’s make or break.

When customer service is at the frontline of your business’s success, do you really want to take a chance on spreadsheets and manual data organization? Probably not. Consider CRM software instead. A customer relationship management solution goes above and beyond what you’ll get out of a home-grown solution by providing a centralized database of real-time data, along with sales, marketing, and customer service automation tools to make establish rapport with prospects and customers a simple and streamlined process.

Customer and brand loyalty reinforcement

Having a CRM equips your sales and customer service reps with the tools they need to make fostering strong brand experiences a staple of your business. In the retail industry, customer and brand loyalty is everything to the success or failure of a business. When customers are loyal, business soars. When companies lack loyalty or brand ambassadors, it’s typically an uphill climb toward business growth.

Did you know? CRM software is one of the leading methods for implementing and maintaining customer loyalty programs, which help keep your customers coming back for continued purchases. Don’t miss out on a simple opportunity to build stronger brand loyalists who are ready to preach the benefits of your brand—consider a customer relationship management solution.

Market segmentation

With a CRM solution in place, you’re likely to be collecting a lot of data. Fortunately, you’ll have tools to be able to segment that data based on your market and target audiences. You’ll also have access to tools which give you data visualization, such as charts and graphs for further analysis.

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