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CRM | March 02, 2018

5 Ways to Improve Car Sales with Automotive CRM

The automotive industry has gone through a lot of major changes in the past few decades. Technology has changed the game for car salespeople, and they’ve had to adapt...

By WorkWiseSoftware

The automotive industry has gone through a lot of major changes in the past few decades. Technology has changed the game for car salespeople, and they’ve had to adapt their tactics and, essentially, how they do their job. The internet has brought about a lot of challenges for this industry, but it’s also given car buyers an opportunity to find dealership they might never have even reached out to before. In turn, it’s given car dealerships visibility and the ability to sell more cars and build more powerful customer relationships. To make this new way of selling cars and retaining customers as easy as possible, customer relationship management (CRM) software saves the day. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the key reasons why car salespeople would be prudent to implement CRM for the automotive industry for their business.

Save almost-lost deals

To start, customer relationship management software isn’t the end-all-be-all solution that’ll save your business. In the end, quality customer service can only be provided by you, and not by a software solution. While it can certainly enhance how well you’re reaching out to customers and engaging them on a repeated basis, it’s not going to do everything for you.

When used correctly, however, CRM software can provide car salespeople with the tools they need to stay engaged with customers and close more deals. Too many potential sales deals get lost or dropped because something in the sales process was forgotten about. Automotive CRM can help you create a set sales plan with specific tasks based on various stages of the sales cycle, helping your salespeople close more deals and keep track of more of the specifics.

Streamline the inbound process

Handling all of those inbound internet leads can easily become overwhelming. With a customer relationship solution in place, this process becomes quickly streamlined by having the ability to set a specific sales rep for each prospect. You can also typically use a lead scoring mechanism within most modern CRM solutions to be able to ensure lead distribution is organized and orderly, giving your sales reps an equal distribution of new prospects to work with.

Schedule tasks and automate when possible

Automation is the bread and butter of customer relationship management software. Scheduling tasks and using workflow automation helps make the lives of your sales’ reps easier, as well as your own as a person in management.

Stay in touch

Customer retention means ensuring you’re staying in touch with all of your customers, regardless of how long ago you sold a car to them. CRM for the automotive industry provides the ability to go mobile with your centralized database—access your customer data at anytime, anywhere.

Make it personal

Creating trust as a car salesperson is crucial. Nobody buys from a shady dealer, but they always remember that won’t trustworthy car salesman who was straightforward and honest. Personalization goes hand-in-hand with strong car sales. An automotive CRM software system will help with email personalization, targeted campaign strategies, and email and database reminders to ensure you’re staying up-to-date on birthdays, holidays, and more. You can also set personalized reminders through your CRM solution to be sure you’re never missing a follow-up email or call.

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