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blog | April 06, 2018

How to Create Interesting Content for Your Website

Content writing is specialized writing meant to provide relevant information. The aim of content writing is to draw in your specific target audience with information about your business and...

By WorkWiseSoftware

Content writing is specialized writing meant to provide relevant information. The aim of content writing is to draw in your specific target audience with information about your business and specific products that are of interest to them. It is easy to write content for a website, writing standard, even generic information. However, the overall goal is to create interesting and creative content that can draw traffic to your website, specifically a blog page.

In today’s blog, we will give different tips on how to create interesting content that is designed to draw in your target audience.

  1. Make Copy About Your Audience – Creating written content with your audience in mind (not the writer themselves) shows your customers that you are interested in catering to them. Using their inquiries and comments about your business, placing it into your copy shows that you pay attention to them and that you want to provide them with relevant and helpful information. Look through the current website content and focus on the why and the how.  Why is this information helpful? How can this content make a customer understand the business and its products? With a business, the old saying has always been “the customer comes first,” that should extend to all areas of a business, including the content writing that appears on a business website.
  2. Change Your Writing Approach – The most interesting content writing is writing that isn’t the norm. Not only does changing your approach have the potential to interests your readers, it can also get you out of writing ruts that you’re bound to fall into from time to time. Since customers are bombarded with marketing ploys and advertisements on a daily basis, you want to provide them with something new and fresh, content that will catch their eye versus becoming something that is tossed into their email trash or glossed over during their internet search. Small features such as bullet points, numbered blog posts and images can gain a readers attention.
  3. Create a Call to Action – “Contact us today!” or “Get your free quote now” may be things that you see at the end of a blog post. They are called calls to action. A call to action is a small detail that can encourage customers to engage with your business. Engagement can come in the form of leaving a comment, participating in an already ongoing conversation or actually reaching out to the business itself. Calls to action can help make a customer feel included and make their voice feel heard by a business.

How Can CRM Help?

Customer relationship management software, or CRM, can assist with the content writing process even though at first glance it may not seem like it. CRM allows a business the prime opportunity to better understand their customers. With information like their social media activity and the items they purchase (and how frequently they purchase them) from your business, it can clue you in to the information they are interested in.

From that information, you can curate content that has the ability to draw customers to your blog page to read the content that a member of your team so carefully put together. With great content writing, you can entice customers to purchase from you for the first time, again, or even add on to their order. By using CRM, you now know your customers and can create content that they are interested in actually reading. It is smart to treat content writing as an additional form of advertisement.

Creating intriguing content writing takes time, as you have to find what your audience responds to and what they may not seem too invested in. Using helpful software like CRM can help you gain a better understanding of the people you are trying to connect to, which allows you to go back to the drawing board and create content that you feel confident that your customers will like. Knowing your customers is half the battle. Keep in mind that deviating from the norm is a great way to attract your base. Encouraging customers to use their voices and give their opinions is a breath of fresh air and writing information with your consumer base in mind will also gain their interest. What are ways you would like to see a business up their content writing game?

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