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blog | August 04, 2017

What ERP Can Provide for Your Small Business

When you’re a small business, it’s crucial that you maintain a lean team with agile operations in order to save on cost and experience strong growth. Without maintaining a...

By WorkWiseSoftware

When you’re a small business, it’s crucial that you maintain a lean team with agile operations in order to save on cost and experience strong growth. Without maintaining a lean and efficient team operation, the business won’t find success or be able to break through the initial barriers of the industry. This is where enterprise resource planning (ERP) software changes the game. Commonly thought to be reserved for mid to large-scale businesses with huge revenue, ERP is actually a perfect fit for most small businesses willing to make the investment and implementation. Below, we’ll go into more detail about the importance of an enterprise solution in small businesses, and how they can make or break rapid company growth.

Get rid of spreadsheets

Is your company relying on spreadsheets to handle all of your project tracking and finances? If you are, it’s time to consider an automated solution. An enterprise resource planning solution utilizes a centralized database of information, ensuring all data entered is accurate and easily accessible with as few clicks as possible. With spreadsheets, you’re constantly searching for the right data, and reporting takes hours to complete. With an enterprise solution, each of these tasks takes just seconds. With that kind of time savings, you’ll have plenty of additional opportunities to tackle other important tasks at hand. Oh, and duplicate data entry? A non-issue with enterprise software. You’re welcome in advance.

Improved communications

Communication is one of the most important aspects of a successful small business or any size business for that matter. If communication is hindered, or departments siloed in some way, you’re going to have major issues down the line. Small businesses, in particular, require fluid communication in order to thrive. Having an ERP solution in place ensures all data accessed is real-time data, meaning everybody in the company is accessing and manipulating the same data without the worries of duplicate data entries. No need to email back and forth spreadsheets endlessly when the information you need is in one central space.

Work with your vendor like a business partner

Small businesses thrive when they have business partners willing to work with each other in order to grow and improve. An enterprise resource planning software provider should be considered as a business partner, an organization that’s main goal and purpose is to help your business grow in size and influence.

Streamlines Business Processes

ERP brings about the benefit of streamlining process, which means fewer errors and delays for your business. In its most basic form, to streamline a process means to improve efficiency of a process in a business or organization through simplifying or eliminating unnecessary steps by using modern techniques or taking other approaches, usually with the inclusion of technology. This allows business employees to focus on other tasks. Streamlining business processes also leads to an increase in employee productivity. Because they no long have to worry about tasks that are being streamlined, they can focus on larger business projects.

Decrease in Operating Costs

With all business, especially smaller ones, saving money is crucial. An ERP system can reduce overall operating costs with its ability to streamline processes within one software application. Businesses can save money with ERP because everything has the ability to run through ERP. Business owners will no longer have to spend money purchasing individual software’s and management systems that would have been needed for individual departments in the past.

Increased Productivity

All businesses want to succeed and one of the ways to do so is by having a strong amount of productivity. When business data is easy to store and find, it eliminates eating up time having to search for information, sending our emails or reaching out to coworkers. That time can now be spent completing business projects and help customers. ERP makes work life easier.

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