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blog | August 18, 2017

Insurance CRM – Solutions for Agencies

Insurance agents depend on personalization and a high level of service to excel in their industry. Their success depends on how well they know their customers (history, financials, personal,...

By WorkWiseSoftware

Insurance agents depend on personalization and a high level of service to excel in their industry. Their success depends on how well they know their customers (history, financials, personal, etc.), as well as their customer retention efforts of ensuring their customers stay where they’re at. And with an abundance of alternative products and services available to them, it can be a challenge to ensure your customers stay with you for the long-haul. Fortunately, customer relationship management (CRM) software for agencies provides tools and opportunities to improve selling and customer service efforts. Let’s take a more in-depth look at how CRM can help insurance agencies.

Benefits of CRM for Insurance Agencies


Although CRM is a tool to help build a business build its relationship with their customers, it can also be used to create better marketing campaigns. Your marketing department’s main priority is to find unique ways to gain customer interests and expand their business brand to the general public. With CRM storing customer information including contact information, previous purchases and all previous forms of contact, can help marketers build specific marketing campaigns around that information.

Customer Loyalty

Providing customers with insurance is an on-going thing, since insurance is something that we all need. With the right mixture of quality customer service and marketing, which can be done through the help of CRM software, insurance agencies can see an uptick in customer loyalty and retention. Having information about your customers stored in the software, allows for you to know more about them and in the event you ever come into contact with them, you can pull up their name/customer information and provide assistance immediately. Strong customer service is sure to remain in the minds of customers.


With marketing efforts, the overall goal is to attract new customers into purchasing the specific items or services that your business provides to the public. CRMs are not all made the same, so it’s important to investigate to ensure you’re getting what you’re looking for. A strong CRM solution will have the ability to collect valuable customer and historical data, monitor and manage website activity and conversions, provide an email designer tool and email marketing automation features, call center functionality, customer service tools, and so much more. All of these tools can prove extremely useful to insurance agents trying to improve customer retention and reach out to prospects, which can lead to customer purchasing insurance.

Streamlined data management

CRM software takes total ownership of the data management and organization process of a business. A lot of times, we see prospects rely on Excel spreadsheets to manage all of their data. As a result of this over-reliance, data is often lost, inaccurate, or simply not kept up-to-date. This can be extremely detrimental to the overall health of an insurance agency’s sales efforts and growth plan.

CRM software remodels the thought process of using spreadsheets for data management. With a relationship management solution in place, insurance agents can upload scores of data and know that it’ll be accurate, without the pain of dealing with duplicate data. CRM can produce reports and analytics for users, which allows users to focus on other work projects. Need to look up a specific customer’s past conversations with one of your agents? It’ll be in CRM, and it can be pulled up within seconds. CRM can make work a little easier.

Build customer relations with data

Again, insurance agencies are all about building relationships with customers. And that’s exactly the core mission behind customer relationship management software. With all of the data collection and organization going on, there also needs to be some manipulation and analysis. With spreadsheets, that type of task can be extremely challenging, often needing to rely on third-party vendors for analysis and data manipulation. CRM collects and manipulates the data as you want it to, ensuring you’re able to know the ins and outs of your sales pipeline, have a strong visibility into your current customer base, as well as the ability to have data to back up your customer relationship-building efforts.

Better predictions and forecasting

How’s your agency at handling forecasting and sales predictions? If it’s spotty month after month, it’s time to consider CRM. A customer relationship management software solution gives you the data and metric visualization you and your insurance agents need to make calculated forecasting decisions and predictions.

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