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blog | July 09, 2020

Best Ways Businesses Can Use ERP Software

In a blog post from last week, we covered the best ways businesses can use CRM software for their advantage. Now, let’s shift our focus to all that ERP...

By Courtney Perry

In a blog post from last week, we covered the best ways businesses can use CRM software for their advantage. Now, let’s shift our focus to all that ERP software can do for you.

The business management software, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a central database where company information is stored, can be shared and accessed across all departments. Mainly used by manufacturers, ERP software acts as a central database that helps manage all functions of a business.

If you find that your business is struggling to maintain operations such as engineering, production and finances among other issues, ERP may be the perfect software for your business. Continue reading to learn more about how you can best use ERP software.

  1. Finances

One of the most important factors in running a business is making sure your financials are in order. Things such as job cost and accounts payable are important when it comes to budgeting your business and managing cash flow. In most ERP software solutions, the Finance suite gives users the ability to monitor and manage your company’s financial performance.

Just some of the applications that can be found with WorkWise ERP’s Finance suite include job and standard cost, accounts receivable, payable general ledger, cash management and the advanced financial report writer. Taking advantage of a financial suite ensures accuracy surrounding company budgets, how much is being spent and developing projects that can lead to a solid financial forecast.

  1. Production

With manufacturers in particular, making sure you know everything that is happening on the shop floor is crucial. This is where an ERP Production suite comes in handy. Businesses can use this portion of ERP to streamline your manufacturing process in order to keep up with all shop floor changes, manage quality and schedule maintenance operations.

Applications within the WorkWise ERP suite include shop floor control and visual scheduling, quality management, equipment maintenance, production dispatch and reporting as well as quality management. These features help to create a more organized and streamlined manufacturing business.

  1. Analytics

Analytics gives ERP users the ability to access data, graphs and charts pertaining to their business insights. Businesses can use the analytics feature to gain more value from your business. For example, businesses can run reports and dashboards that help you increase your productivity and make strongly informed decisions in regards to your business. With improved analytics, businesses can also solve issues before they become unmanageable, which helps you save both time and money.

WorkWise ERP features an Analytics suite which comes complete with a Business Metrics, Data Journaling and an Event Manager & Mobile Alerts application. Our goal is to provide your business with much needed analytics in order to make the best, most well informed decisions for your company.

  1. Materials

In order to make the most out of your business, one of the most important things that you can do is have control over your material functions. Those functions typically include shipping, purchasing mobile data and inventory. It is important to have a hold over your materials because it can help to improve the customer service experience, connects workers with real-time information on materials so they are able to make better business decisions as well as can keep track of all items that are shipped.

Our ERP solution features a Material suite rounded with the following applications: Inventory, Mobile Inventory Control, Material Control Management, Purchasing and Requisitions, Multi-Carrier Shipment Process and a UPS/FedEx Shipping integration.

When making the move to either a new ERP or trying out the software solution for the first time, it is important that you make the most out of your solution. From finances and materials to production to analytics, each of these parts make the entire solution complete.

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