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blog | January 02, 2019

5 Reasons You Need to Keep Your CRM Software Up to Date

Having a CRM system can do wonders for a company in terms of optimizing their potential and helping to improve the relationship between a company and its customers. No...

By Courtney Perry

Having a CRM system can do wonders for a company in terms of optimizing their potential and helping to improve the relationship between a company and its customers. No matter the vendor your business chooses to go with, and no matter how perfect your CRM is for you, it is important to remember that no system will remain perfect forever. Because imperfection is a myth, even with the best of CRM software’s, upgrades are inevitable and important. The upgrades are improvements that an CRM vendor makes to the system, which includes both the back and front end. In today’s blog, let’s look at 5 reasons why your business needs to do upgrades to keep your company running at an ideal level.

  1. Consistent Reliability

Software that is outdated becomes slow, requires more attention to maintain, and can even crash completely. Given the importance of your CRM, it is critical that you keep it up to date to further utilize it. Also, nothing makes employees more frustrated than slow, inconsistent connections that delays their ability to do their job. Without a CRM is that is reliable and works smoothly every single day, projects and simple tasks become harder and more time consuming to complete. Constant software upgrades when needed will eliminate the possibility of slowing down your work flow and stopping you from completing important work which ultimately harms the business.

  1. Better Security

Upgrading when the time comes will help you avoid the problems of an aging system that is now susceptible to hackers. It also eliminates the need for extra malware, spyware, and other maintenance tools, making it much easier to manage from an IT perspective. The information stored into a CRM software is typically meant to remain private and can contain customer information including addresses and phone numbers, which should remain private.

  1. Increased Employee Productivity

CRM vendors also include functionality upgrades, and these are important as well to improve the company’s productivity. Depending on what the upgrade is, you can expect immediate improvement in efficiency or time, in areas such as analytics or campaign setup. Because CRM software contains automation features, which can complete simple tasks in a short amount of time without human assistance, not upgrading it would take away from business productivity.

  1. Chance for Company Improvements

Upgrading your CRM also gives you a chance to review your internal processes and make improvements there as well. So the software will not only improve the back end, but allow you an opportunity to improve the front end as well. This double improvement will at least increase efficiency significantly and that is always good for the bottom line.

  1. Lesser IT costs

Although you do usually pay an upfront cost for CRM upgrades, the ultimate destination pays for the cost itself. Employees will have less problems doing their jobs and IT will have more time to spend on important matters, since with the upgrade you eliminate all the previously mentioned issues.

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