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blog | February 27, 2018

3 Benefits of Call Center Software…and Why to Choose CRM Software Instead

If your business has a call center, investing in a software solution can dramatically benefit your call center processes by improving customer service, boosting efficiency and providing enhanced reporting...

By WorkWiseSoftware

If your business has a call center, investing in a software solution can dramatically benefit your call center processes by improving customer service, boosting efficiency and providing enhanced reporting features for management.

In general, benefits of call center software include:

1. Greater efficiency and productivity

Using a call center software system, your customer service agents can quickly create incoming cases, track them with ease and escalate them when necessary. Modern routing tools allow calls to be automatically routed to the appropriate agent while updates are made in real-time, giving agents the ability to respond and exchange information quickly and efficiently.

2. Improved customer service

Your call center may be the only personal interaction your customers get with your company so their satisfaction is critical. When customers call in, they expect you to have their information at hand, ready to provide the answers they need in an efficient process.

Call center software can route calls by category, customer industry, etc. in order to ensure the best agent handles them. It also allows agents to access, pool and exchange information in real-time, providing a smooth transition among agents and reducing customer wait times.

3. Enhanced reporting metrics 

Call center software gives managers the information they need to make strategic decisions. The ability to analyze call volume, case categories, case times, up-sell rates and revenue per call are just of few of the reports available to assist the management team.


Why is This All Important?

The typical call center faces a variety of daily challenges and it’s usually left to the individual call center agents to put customers at ease and resolve any issues with a smile.

As the front line, Agents need to be empowered with the right tools in order to perform well. Investing in a software solution for your call center is an absolute must in order to ensure that you are creating the best possible experience for your customers.

Prevent Common Issues

If a customer is contacting you, it most likely isn’t to pat you on the back. So, when the call comes in, it is not only important to resolve the issue, but also important to prevent making it any worse. Aside from product or services specific issues, the main customer service complaints can typically be boiled down to:

Get it Right, the First Time

All it takes is one bad experience for a customer to take his or her business elsewhere, and/or create negative noise on social media. So, in order to provide a positive service experience, agents need:

  1. Real time access to customer information and history
  2. Accurate and up-to-date information on products and options for issue resolution

If the customer was transferred from another agent, the new agent should be able to access any notes from the previous call. If there is a known product defect, the agent should have access to details and resolutions, and should know what their options are for remedying the issue.

Less time searching, more time talking

Create a schedule of phone numbers for call center agents to call, reducing the need for endless, unnecessary contact searches. Your reps will have more time to make scheduled calls and converse with key prospects and customers within the CRM application.


How CRM Software Can Help

Using CRM software, agents can access critical, up-to-date, cross-departmental information about customer accounts, history, products, purchases, services, warranties, etc.

360-degree view of the customer

A CRM with integrated call center functionality delivers a 360-degree view of the customer, along with access to information across different departments. This means call center agents can more quickly and efficiently retrieve the information needed to assist each customer case.

Real-time information

A CRM software solution enables call center representatives to access up-to-date information and convey that information to the customer effectively.

Enhanced collaboration among departments and call center representatives

CRM allows customer service representatives to share information. If a customer case requires input from more than one representative, all representatives will have access to the same information.

Better reports = better decisions

With enhanced reporting metrics and analytics, call center software or CRM software facilitates better strategic decision making by managers. Using CRM, managers can analyze call volume, case type, resolution times, revenue-per-call, customer satisfaction ratings and so much more. They can also analyze trends and patterns in order to anticipate needs and enhance customer relationships.

Empowering your call center with CRM or call center software allows your agents to perform well beyond just answering questions and handling complaints. It gives them the support they need to build and nurture customer relationships.

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