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blog | June 23, 2020

2020 Essential Digital Marketing Trends

There may have been a time when marketing was pretty straightforward, but in today’s day and age, marketing is so much more complex. With factors to consider like social...

By Courtney Perry

There may have been a time when marketing was pretty straightforward, but in today’s day and age, marketing is so much more complex. With factors to consider like social media, the internet, email and websites, there are many ways to marketing, but that can be overwhelming. In addition to multiple platforms to market on, there are trends to consider and maybe even follow.

Researching marketing trends can be overwhelming. It can be hard to decide which ones to follow and the ones to ignore. We understand the apprehension of trying new trends, so we would like to help. In today’s blog post, we will cover some of the top performing digital marketing trends this year.

  1. Customer Service Stable? Chatbots

A virtual assistance of sorts, chatbots are becoming a common occurrence on many company websites. Assisting website visitors/customers until their needs are met, chatbots interact with customers in a natural way  through the use of a chat window.

Within the past few years, chatbots have provided different resources from automating customer tasks and functions to answering customer inquiries. If your business is looking to expand upon its customer service, a chatbot may be a great place to begin.

  1. Video Marketing Is a Necessity

The phrase “show and tell” is very important here. Text based content, while useful in that it explains who your company is and what it provides, does not strike customers in the way that images do, especially if your business sells products and/or services online. Your business may want to consider adding video content as it is a way to gain the interests of your customer base.

In today’s mobile world, people are consuming videos more than ever, using their smartphones to watch product reviews, looking at images and researching brands. Providing your customer base with images helps to give your customers a stronger idea of what your business offers.

  1. Content Marketing is Still Important

While we just covered why video has and will become more popular over time, words still matter. It is important to not just show your customers what your products and services look like, but to also explain through content what your business does as well as its mission and the products and services that it can provide to the public.

Marketing content matters because choosing and using the right keywords leads to more visibility on search engines, which ultimately means more customers finding your business.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing consist of having individuals with large followings introducing your business products and services to their following, which is typically a larger following if a person is considered an “influencer.” This type of word of mouth style marketing has become dominant over the past few years and shows no signs of stopping.

Influencer marketing can be effective because influencers have their own built in following who trust their opinions of products and will be more likely to try based on their recommendation.

  1. Personalizing Your Marketing Efforts

If you are looking for a way to stand out from the competition, personalizing marketing materials (content, products, emails, etc..) is a way to do that. Personalized marketing is different from traditional marketing in that it doesn’t provide generic messages to customers, rather uses their names and creates marketing campaigns that are geared toward a customer’s specific interests.

Instapage reports that when it comes to personalization:

Personalization makes a customer feel important and listened to by a company that they are interested in giving their business to.

Research Trends, Follow Some

As time moves along, marketing becomes more complex and trendy. It is important to research the latest marketing trends, find ones that you feel are most effective for your business and implementing them. It is important to give new trends a try if you find yourself struggling with your current marketing setup.

Sometimes trends only stick around for a few months, but some may eventually become important marketing staples that will be around for years to come.

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