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WorkWise Solutions Providers


Our WorkWise solutions partners provide extended functionality in our ERP and CRM product offerings.

WorkWise Solutions Providers

The WorkWise Business Partnership Program was created to:

Integrate partner products into the Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP WorkWise Edition software product offering in order to provide extended functionality.

Provide complimentary resources to deliver both consultative and technical services, creating a virtual organization.


WorkWise and Avalara have partnered to provide the easiest way for you to accurately calculate and file sales tax.

Doing sales tax right is simple with Avalara. We do all of the research and automate the process for you, ensuring that the system is up-to-date with the most recent sales tax and VAT rates and rules in every state and country, so you don’t have to.

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No one likes dealing with sales tax.

If sales tax isn’t core to your business it should be automated. You may be doing it wrong, exposing your business to unnecessary audit risks, and don’t even know it.

As a cloud-based service, AvaTax eliminates ongoing maintenance and support. It provides you with a complete solution to manage your sales tax needs.

  • Address Validation included
  • Rooftop Accurate Calculations
  • Product and Service Taxability Rules
  • Exemption Certificate Management
  • Out-of-the-Box Sales Tax Reporting

And, we can even do the filing for you!
With an integration to AvaTax, WorkWise customers can be up and running quickly. Join over 10,000 businesses who use the leader in sales tax automation … and do sales tax right.

For more information, Click here or call us toll free at 877-780-4848 to get started.


CardConnect provides secure electronic payment technology and processing solutions for merchants using ERP systems like WorkWise. Our solutions are easy and quick to implement and use with a broad array of functionality and reporting, all designed to reduce your costs and minimize your PCI compliance effort.

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CardConnect is a rapidly growing U.S.-based payments technology company that provides solutions for companies accepting bankcard transactions, storing sensitive data and seeking to push the boundaries of innovation.

CardConnect’s proprietary payment gateway makes integrated payments, especially for enterprise systems including WorkWise, simple and secure. The only constant in payments is change and CardConnect stays on top of that change by offering enterprise businesses the flexibility to securely accept payments in almost any form.

CardConnect’s heavy investment in research and technology has produced breakthroughs in data protection with patented encryption and tokenization processes, improved strategies to remove businesses from PCI compliance scope – including PCI-certified P2PE – and innovative integrations within the tough-to-navigate environments of ERP systems.

As a recognized leader in payments security and processing technology, CardConnect takes great pride in its consistently high level of customer satisfaction. Its growing base of 65,000 customers can concentrate on growing their businesses while CardConnect manages their payments acceptance platform.

Learn more at


Loftware, Inc. is the global market leader in Enterprise Labeling Solutions with more than 5,000 customers in over 100 countries. Loftware’s enterprise software integrates SAP®, Oracle® and other enterprise applications to produce mission-critical barcode labels, documents, and RFID Smart tags across the supply chain.

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GenAlpha Technologies

GenAlpha Technologies was originally founded to simplify the parts ordering process for large complex manufacturing organizations. From that need came Equip, a fully integrated product and equipment eCommerce, eCatalog, and customer portal solution specifically for manufacturers looking to digitize their sales efforts. Today manufacturing brands across the global utilize Equip to manage their equipment and aftermarket product business online.

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OEMs and product manufacturers that have incorporated Equip into their digital transformation plans have seen the benefits below and many more impact their business:

  • Boosted product sales through a streamlined ordering process, increase market reach, up sell and cross sell, with 24/7 ordering availability
  • Extended customer loyalty and retention with a single location for post-purchase equipment management and online resources (bill-of-material eCatalog and document library)
  • Increased profitability and reduce overhead costs by optimizing product inventory, enhancing pricing strategies, and improving user experience
  • Expanded customer management offerings including pricing prioritization, quoting functionality, and showcase multi-warehouse real-time product availability
  • Reduced order errors and redundant inquiries through the user specific bill-of-material eCatalog, and product category/facet data management

Learn more about how GenAlpha can benefit your manufacturing business with Equip at

RR Donnelley

The RR Donnelley partnership was developed with one clear purpose, to deliver value to our mutual clients. Our comprehensive product line includes everything from pre-printed forms and labels to bar code labeling solutions. We listen to your needs, then respond by developing and manufacturing the right form and label solution, tailored to you.

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RR Donnelley has maintained a long standing partnership with Workwise to offer a single, convenient source for all of your printed business communications material. We offer business forms, checks, labels and four-color process printing of virtually any kind. Through the economies of group participation and quantity buying, Workwise users can save money on the print products they use every day. All forms and labels are available in laser or continuous versions. For a free forms analysis or information about software compatible products, please call RR Donnelley at 1-800-280-4520 and ask for your WorkWise sales representative. Be sure to mention contract code C42162.

  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • Envelopes
  • Letterhead
  • Checks
  • Thermal Labels
  • Thermal Ribbons
  • Pick Tickets
  • Order Acknowledgements
  • Bills of Lading

RRDonnelley also offers more than just forms! They also sell printers, RF devices and much more! Learn more at


Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP offers a direct interface to SOLIDWORKS CAD 3D and SOLIDWORKS PDM which eliminates the need for expensive middleware to purchase and maintain.
Learn more about SOLIDWORKS CAD Connect

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SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD solutions provide easy-to-learn, yet extremely powerful functionality that shortens product development time, reduces costs, and improves quality.

SOLIDWORKS® Product Data Management (PDM) solutions help you get your design data under control and substantially improve the way your teams manage and collaborate on product development.