3 Reasons ERP & CRM Integration Are Worth It

You have ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. They both were affordable and are working well. Although they are unique in what they do, there is cross over, and it is worth it to spend the extra money to get them fully integrated. Here are three reasons why:

1: Easier Quoting and Order
Employees that are using the ERP software can use the integration to see live orders coming from sales reps in the CRM. This eliminates the need for separate entry into both systems. The sales rep can also check in on the status of the order so that the customer can be updated at any time throughout the process.

2: Correct Quoting and Inventory
The ERP users will received the orders directly from the sales rep, so it should be properly explained and priced when it is put it. The sales reps are able to see the most up to date availability and pricing for various materials/components. Along with that, any promotions or discounting pricing in the CRM can be counted right away assuring the right price goes in.

3: Centralization of Accounts
Both ERP and CRM have detailed information about customers (such as contacts, order history, shipping details, etc.). The integration will allow you to see a full view of all data from both systems in one place, rather than having to look into each separately to match up data. This saves time by lessening amount of data entry and reducing the chance of human error.

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