What is Role-Based ERP?

Role-Based ERP is an innovation that allows our ERP system to be assembled to the particular needs of each individual or role. Historically, ERP Systems are based on a module approach, in which everything is organized by module, ie MRP, inventory, MES, general ledger and so forth.

However, at any particular time, an individual needs certain items from different modules to accomplish a specific task. This requires a person to go in and out of various modules and screens to accomplish that single task. In many systems this also mandates that the item be re-entered into each module. This approach is slow, tedious and inefficient.

Role-based ERP changes all this by assembling all the modules and screens necessary to fit a particular role/task. Everything is available in one view, sharing the item of interest with multiple functions, but all on one screen.

An Example to Illustrate Role-Based ERP

Your Role: Customer Service Representative

Your Task: Answer inquiries from customers about their orders

Your Role Based View: Customer Inquiry

  • Customer lookup
  • Open customer orders
  • Inventory
  • Manufacturing
    • Open shop orders
    • MRP
    • MES
  • Procurement
    • Open purchase orders
  • Shipping

Now you can not only confirm that they have an order, but you can tell them exactly where their order is in the process, and give them a confirmed ship date. Your customer will never be happier.

Now imagine this done for every role and task in your company. We have already created over a thousand standard individual roles that you can use, or you can have a custom one created that fits your unique individual and task.

The old way



The new way



Role-based ERP is a way to tailor the software to fit the exact needs of each and every individual. No, we are not talking about moving menus around on your screen. We mean the assembling of your own view from every screen in every module that you need. And each and every screen assembled will share the information across all the assembled screens.

Your productivity will soar, and your results will improve.

“One Size does not fit all.”

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