The Ultimate Flexibility

Select the combination of applications you need and decide whether you want to deploy our software in the cloud or on-premise.

Designed for the User.

Deployed in the Cloud or On-Premise.

WorkWise ERP software is specifically designed for today’s make-to-order, engineer to order, configure to order, build to stock and mixed mode manufacturers. Our innovative software empowers users to make informed decisions on production processes and business activities by providing proactive, real-time information. This allows you to shorten cycle times and optimize manufacturing information, supply chain management and manufacturing execution and planning.

Our unique ERP software solution meets the needs of each user. WorkWise ERP is made up of Role-Based WorkBenches, which are views configured to match each user’s role within the company. With WorkBenches, workflow is configured for each user’s role and designed specifically for their job. Users don’t have to navigate application layers – everything they need is just a click away.

Our comprehensive WorkWise ERP product is comprised of 8 different suites and over 45 essential applications.



From sales and customer service to marketing automation, marketing management and mobile, OnContact CRM delivers a complete solution with unparalleled power and functionality. Learn More


The Quotations Application allows you to handle quotes faster by streamlining quotation preparation.  Learn More


Create and maintain accurate, up-to-date estimates, giving you a better understanding of the relationships between the manufacturing process, costs and pricing.  Learn More

Customer Order Management

Customer Order Management handles the creation, maintenance, shipping and invoicing of your customer orders for goods and services. Learn More

eCommerce Gateway

Management of all your Customer-Facing applications, including web collaboration with customers, catalog and content management, credit card processing, Inventory Management and more. Learn More

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Our flexible Electronic Data Interchange interface (EDI) facilitates order entry, invoicing and Advanced Shipping Notice processes by removing the need for paper forms and filings. It also provides data transmission to exchange this information instantly rather than via mail. Learn More

Serial & Warranty Control

Maintain accurate records for each unique warranty and/or serial number purchase and sale.The WorkWise ERP Serial and Warranty Control application gives you tighter control of business operations and a more effective way to deal with regulatory compliance.  Learn More

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

Everything you need to manage customer returns, including recording and documenting RMA requests, receive returned goods, send replacement goods, and approval or denial of claims. Learn More


Bills of Material

The Bills of Material ERP application includes every style of BOM, and is completely integrated with all functions in the supply chain from Customer Order Processing through Production Costing.  Learn More


The Routings application provides tools needed for accurate and flexible scheduling, the basis for work loading, and the source of the planned cost for direct, indirect, and overhead costs associated with plant, equipment and personnel.  Learn More

Product Configurator

Simplify the production of engineered, ordered, planned and controlled products that are configured or assembled uniquely for each customer order.  Learn More

CAD Connect

CAD Connect provides two-way integration with SOLIDWORKS CAD 3D and SOLIDWORKS PDM, eliminating the need for expensive middleware.  Learn More


Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP)

Run simulations and use shop floor scheduling tools to view capacity requirements. The WorkWise ERP Capacity Requirements Planning application offers real time adjustment of Load and Capacity to resolve conflicts.  Learn More

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Determine what products should be produced, in what quantity, and by what date. Easily schedule and forecast product demand and create a complete material plan. Learn More

Master Production Scheduling (MPS)

Master Production Scheduling increases your material requirement predictability by establishing a consistent production schedule that considers both forecast and customer orders.  Learn More

Advanced Forecasting

Develop the most accurate forecasts possible with our Advanced Forecasting application. It fully supports a Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process to efficiently balance your organization’s Supply and Demand.  Learn More



The ERP Inventory application enhances customer service and increases inventory turns by replenishing products and materials on time for the required amount without increasing your investment in inventory.  Learn More

Mobile Data Collection

Mobile Data Collection connects your workers with real-time information about your enterprise so they make better decisions that directly impact on your bottom-line.  Learn More

Material Control Management

Gain complete control of all your material functions. MCM offers comprehensive integration of several functions, such as Shop Order Material Pick Requests, Customer Order Pick Requests, Material Move Processing and more. Learn More

Purchasing & Requisitions

Efficiently handle all aspects of your procurement cycle, including purchase order creation and printing, receiving, providing vendor price quotations, management of blanket orders and extensive vendor analysis reporting.  Learn More

UPS/FedEx Shipping Integration

Integration with major shipping carriers, including UPS and FedEx. Learn More


Shop Floor Control & Visual Scheduling

Shop Floor Control & Visual Scheduling is a real–time database of shop floor activity, including new work, current work in progress and completions. Learn More

Production Dispatch & Reporting

A real-time, production dispatch and data collection system designed to streamline demand-pull manufacturing through paperless dispatching and easy data collection. Learn More


Kanban is a visual communication system that controls the flow of the shop, and synchronizes the level of production to customer demand. Learn More

Equipment Maintenance

Easily review, update and schedule your maintenance operations right along with production requirements. Learn More

Quality Management

Automate your company with built-in quality methodologies and advanced user workflow, while eliminating all manual forms, files and spreadsheets. Learn More


Job Cost

Compare original, planned and actual costs. Use reports to calculate estimates for jobs and determine exactly how your plan stacks up.  Learn More

Standard Cost

Take information from other Product Data Management functions, and calculate current and standard costs by item number. Learn More

Accounts Receivable

Record, track and verify receivables and cash flow with WorkWise’s easy-to-use Accounts Receivable application. Learn More

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable provides you with a powerful set of tools to control your payables and effectively manage your vendor liabilities and cash flow.  Learn More

General Ledger

Automatically accept input from anywhere in the company, and receive complete reporting and drill-down analysis of activity. Learn More

Cash Management

Cash Management combines your financial data with drivers and projections to project a solid forecast of the source and use of funds. Learn More

AvaTax Sales Tax Gateway

AvaTax Sales Tax Gateway provides the fastest, easiest and most accurate way to automate your sales tax management. Learn More

Fixed Assets

The WorkWise Fixed Assets application helps you accurately track the varied life-cycles of all your fixed assets. Learn More


An easy-to-navigate interface and customization options to provide everything you need to pay employees and manage taxes effectively. Learn More

Human Resources

Streamline the cumbersome tasks of maintaining records and reporting while keeping extensive employee information at your finger tips. Learn More

Credit Card Gateway

WorkWise ERP offers a powerful and flexible Credit Card gateway to provide your business with the lowest possible processing fees. Learn More


Document Linking

Our Document Linking solution gives you fast, easy access to documents from inside or outside the ERP application. Learn More

Document Routing & Archiving

Our Paperless solution allows you to efficiently capture, manage and archive your data electronically without the unnecessary mountains of paperwork. Learn More

Business Process Recorder (BPR)

Business Process Recorder (BPR) gives businesses the best solution to retain and transfer knowledge by helping build a knowledge repository that can be accessed by entire departments or individuals. Learn More

Label Management

With WorkWise Label Management, you can create any type of barcode label required to meet ever-evolving customer and regulatory needs across the supply chain. Learn More


Business Metrics

Access your data from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet. Extend the reach of your ERP software and give users flexible access to data.  Learn More

Event Manager

Manage events and communicate instantly with other ERP users using instant messaging, desktop event notifications, and alerts. Choose from 85 tailorable exception conditions. Learn More

Mobile Alerts

Allow ERP users to communicate instantly with each other using instant messaging, desktop event notifications, and mobile alerts. Choose from 85 tailorable exception conditions.  Learn More

Data Journaling

A comprehensive set of tools to help companies comply with Sarbanes-Oxley report and control requirements. Learn More